Project name

Search Engine Optimization of CORPORATE TRAINING PROGRAMS website

  1. Keywords research and implementation
  2. Removal of duplicate pages and metatags
  3. Configuration of robots.txt to exclude indexing of archived tags to prevent duplicate content
  4. Analysis of metatags
  5. Internal links building
  6. Image compression and rewriting of image descriptions
  7. Setting up redirects
  8. Site speed optimization
  9. Set up of Google Analytics reporting

Content Analysis and Optimization

  1. Audit for organic traffic, capacity and density of keywords
  2. Analysis and configuring of indexed pages
  3. Audit and removal of duplicate pages
  • After only two months, the traffic more than doubled
  • The number of keywords that the site started to rate for increased 2x
  • Improved rankings in search engines
  • Reduced bounce rate
  • The number of page views increased
  • Time visitors spend on site increased
Results after SEO implementation

After only two months, the traffic more than doubled (screen A)

A graph-image

The number of keywords in the ranking has increased (screen B)

B graph-image

Due to technical SEO improvements, the number of the site sessions has almost doubled (screen C)

C graph-image

The behavioral characteristics and number of pageviews has increased (screen D)

D graph-image

Bounce rate went down (screen E)

E graph-image