Project name
Indiana Ballet Conservatory
  • Content Creation
    • Local PR
    • Video production
    • Print Advertising
  • Content Marketing

We were hired to promote the 2019 performance of the “Nutcracker ” ballet. We wrote an article and a print ad about the show and published them in Carmel Monthly and Zionsville Monthly magazines. We produced a video and posted it on the Carmel Monthly Facebook page.

Our post reached organically 5,200 people and generated 587 clicks and 265 shares.

The print article and the ad were exposed to over 60,000 local residents. As a result, the show was sold out well in advance of the performance dates.

I truly enjoy working with Collective Publishing. Over the years Indiana Ballet Conservatory had received an overwhelming positive response on all published articles in Carmel Monthly and Zionsville Monthly magazines in print and online. The magazines have an outstanding reputation in Carmel and Zionsville communities. They are also an online influencer with a loyal following on Social Media. This partnership has been all around successful for us as a nonprofit organization operating on a modest budget.

Alyona Yakovleva-Randall
IBC Artistic Director