Why you should consider outsourcing daily marketing activities?

 The latest advancements in technology make it affordable for small business owners to hire an outside marketing agency to perform routine marketing functions. Outsourcing entry-level daily marketing activities has several advantages.


Cost savings with “all-Inclusive” service offering


Expertise and continuing education value-added


No turnover costs


Independent advice


Save time managing your marketing staff

Cost savings with “all-Inclusive” service offering

How much does an employee really cost?


Once you take into consideration basic salary, taxes, and benefits, the rule of thumb for calculating the real annual costs of your employees is 1.25 to 1.4 times the base salary, according to the SBA.


In other words, an employee earning an annual salary of  $36,000 will actually cost somewhere between $45,000 and $50,400 a year.


By hiring an outside contractor, a/k/a “outsourced marketing staff member”, the business immediately saves from 25% to 40% of the employee cost.  And that is not all!


It is a challenge to find high-quality marketing professionals capable of performing an array of duties for entry-level wages. Nowadays even an entry-level marketing staff needs to have not only a broad knowledge of marketing discipline but be proficient in a variety of tech tools.


Collective Publishing is here to help you. You can hire our marketing expert as your “outsourced staff member” that will perform day to day marketing duties for your business at a fixed rate typically paid as a base salary for entry-level full-time marketing professional. We will perform all of the tasks at a fixed cost to you.


In addition to reducing your costs, you will also benefit from our efficiency in using marketing technologies and software at no additional cost to you.

Expertise and continuing education value-added

Our experts have at least 5+ years of marketing experience and deep knowledge of the latest marketing technologies.


Not only that,  we also make it our priority to make sure that our consultants use the latest available technology and trained regularly on the latest marketing tools.


By hiring “outsourced staff members” your business will benefit from utilizing marketing experts of high caliber to perform necessary day to day tasks.

No turnover costs

Entry-level marketing personnel usually don’t get attached to their first position within a company.


They typically stay for one to three years before looking for their next position to benefit from the newly gained experience pursuing higher pay.


As a result, the company will need to invest more time and money to bring a new person on board.


We guarantee to eliminate turnover costs by having multiple people servicing your account and being familiar with your business.

Independent Advice

Quite often a junior staffer is afraid to offer an opinion that does not comply with the way management does things.


We will provide an uncensored and objective view of your current sales and marketing strategy and help to benchmark best practices.

Save Time Managing Your Marketing Staff

With an “outsourced staff member,” you can reduce time spent supervising routine marketing functions.


We will be overseeing his/her activities daily to make sure that you are getting the quality of work on the deadlines you need.


Frequent communication is our top priority and a key component in our work with clients.


1. Understand your expectations and formulate a list of deliverables

We want to make your working experience with us as easy and as smooth as possible. That is why we spend time working to fully understand what, when, and how you want things done. We work independently and require zero supervision.

2. Marketing Research

By bringing us on board, you are getting the expertise of seasoned marketing professionals. That is why we start with a thorough analysis of your business. We research your industry and your competitors. We analyze your target market in order to determine who your ideal customer is. After that, we assess your present marketing initiatives to discover potential gaps.


3. Doing the assigned work

This research allows us to perform required work efficiently and produce recommendations on how your present marketing initiatives could be improved.

Every engagement is custom-designed within the following areas of expertise:

–Contact database administration (CRM)
–Content production and management
–Advertising management
–Email marketing
–Events management
–Graphic design
–Internal marketing communication
–Marketing collateral management
–Public Relations
–Management of promotional activities
–Sales administration
–SEO coordination
–Social media management
–Website management
–Analytics reporting

4. Reporting on progress and deliverables

We can not stress enough how important daily and weekly communication is to us. We will keep you informed of our work daily with official reporting on all activities weekly. We want to make sure you are always “in the know” on what is being done.

Delegate your work to us and you can rest assured that it Will Get Done!

We can add an experienced marketing professional to your staff that requires minimal supervision in no time.